Michael Simons Yale

With past experience as chief of Yale University’s cardiovascular medicine section, Dr. Michael Simons has undertaken extensive research in diverse areas of cardiovascular biology. Since 2010, Dr. Michael Simons also has served as co-director of the Yale-University College London (UCL) Biomedicine Consortium. A member of the British Heart Foundation, he has been a visiting professor at UCL and achieved an honorary fellowship from the institution.

Dr. Simons’ pioneering research has included antisense technology applications for limiting smooth muscle cell proliferation. He also has undertaken extensive work on regulating angiogenesis when ischemic diseases occur and employing FGF2 and VEGF technologies for therapeutic purposes.

Dr. Simons also guided coronary angiogenesis clinical trials that ultimately led to intensive research on VEGF signaling, arteriogenesis, and molecular controls. Over the course of more than 10 years, his laboratory has generated critical discoveries in the areas of vascular fate specification and the controlling regulatory mechanisms. He served as associate professor of medicine at the Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital, Harvard Medical School, in the 1990s and guided the establishment of a dedicated Angiogenesis Research Center.

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